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Sizes, Packaging and Shipping

 Available in a full range of sizes

Note: the above specification and dimensions can be determined according to

fillingrequirements through negotiation between the parties.


Packaging Method


Standard packing

Pharmaceutical grade PE bag wrapped with aluminum foil bag contained in
5 layer corrugated carton


Storage conditions

1. Warehouse temperature: 15-25°C, Relative humidity: 35-65%

2. Cartons should be kept away from direct heat source or sun light

3. It is not recommended to use capsules at relative humidity which is highter than 55%

4. Keep PE bags sealed at all time with capsules inside


Loading Method

Carton Dimension: 58.5x39.5x73 (cm)

Empty Carton: 2.3 kg

Empty Pallet: 7 kg